XO Boats is the fastest growing Nordic manufacturer of pleasure and performance motorboats.


XO Boats in a nutshell

Founded by a passion to move about in the Baltic archipelago known for its difficult short, steep and choppy seas.

All XO Boats share something you can’t see but you can feel, an aluminum deep V-hull that is durable and silent, impact resistant and rigid. The company’s continuing commitment to performance, attention to detail and technical solutions are clearly visible throughout our model line. All our designs and work is driven by a passion to offer our customers the perfect driving experience in all conditions.

All XO Boats models are designed in Finland in accordance to the strictest CE regulations.

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Pulttitie 18
FI-00880 Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 846 6648

Dan Colliander, CEO
+358 50 342 9950

Ville Frost, Sales and Marketing Director
+358 50 302 8880

Calle Nyman, Sales & Marketing Manager
+358 50 538 9463

Jouni Huusko, Project Manager
+358 40 773 0403

Mateusz Reksc, Production Coordinator
+48 609 510 502

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XO Boats build high quality motorboats and require a distribution network that is equally dedicated to providing services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

If you are interested in establishing a successful XO Dealership please contact us.