XO Boats Oy is working as the Official Media Boat of the 35th Americas Cup in Bermuda taking place from 26th May through 27th June 2017. XO Boats was selected to serve this exclusive job due to it representing similar values with the America’s Cup.

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“The America’s Cup pride itself on its reputation for continuous innovation and pioneering world class design and we feel that these values are also held dear by XO who place them at the heart of their boats.”

— Dan Barnett, Chief Commercial Officer / America’s Cup

The foiling America’s Cup boats can reach speeds exceeding 40 knots. This sets requirements for a boat to take the media with full confidence where the action happens even when the seas get choppy.

This why XO Boats was chosen as the Official Media Boat of the 35th America’s Cup.

The XO's in action

ACEA will use four XO 270 Cabin OB boats for the exclusive use of the international media that will be attending this iconic event, the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport. In addition, the XO DFNDR will be used for Race Course Operations and an XO 360 & an XO Cruiser will be used for ACEA VIP transportation needs.

XO 360
VIP Transportation

XO Cruiser
VIP Transportation

XO 270 Cabin OB
International Media

Racecourse operations


The America’s Cup is the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport and dates back to 1851. Over that time, teams representing just four nations (the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland) have won the trophy in over 160-years of competition. It is one of the greatest challenges in all of sport.

The defending champion is ORACLE TEAM USA, who first won the America’s Cup in 2010, and successfully defended the title in 2013. Now six teams, including ORACLE TEAM USA, have signed up to take on the challenge again.

The course to Bermuda

The 35th America’s Cup will be in June 2017 on the Great Sound of Bermuda. Racing in a series of preliminary events, collectively known as the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, have taken place at selected venues in 2015 and 2016, with teams having the opportunity to host events.

The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series regattas have been raced in the AC45F class – a one-design catamaran powered by a wing sail that flies above the water on foils and is sailed by a crew of five.

In 2017, the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers and Challenger Playoffs, as well as the America’s Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton, will be raced in the new America’s Cup Class – a very fast, foiling, wing-sailed catamaran, manned by six crew (helmsman, wing trimmer, tactician/grinder and three grinders).

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Follow the America’s Cup in XO America’s Cup Lounges

You can follow the America’s Cup with us in the following XO America’s Cup Lounges across Europe and Bermuda:

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Russell Coutts to test drive XO Boats in Bermuda: “It’s an incredible machine.”

5 times America’s Cup winner and the CEO of America’s Cup Event Authority Russell Coutts was invited on board XO Boats.  He test drove the XO Cruiser and seemed to have been impressed by it.  Watch here to see the clip:  


Team New Zealand Capsized – XO Boats in the Heart of Action!

Tuesdya 6th June was a day of drama.  The sailing was done in the upper wind limits and the teams were pushing the boundaries of what their boats could handle.  Only one of the four teams (BAR) survived without noticeable damage.  In the last match the most dramatic event happened, team New Zealand nose dived… Read more »


America’s Cup is On! Highlights of the first three days of sailing

America’s Cup had started in Bermuda where drama has been the name of the game from the very beginning. The opening day was postponed due to high winds and the game started on Sat 27th May. The sailing has been filled with action and drama all the way. On the opening day there was a… Read more »


XO on Bermuda Broadcasting News

Bermuda Broadcasting visited XO Boats last week. We took the reporter Dianne Brewer and her crew for a ride with XO Cruiser and here is the report.


Video shoot

While preparing for the America’s Cup XO Boats have been busy with many preparatory activities. The drivers have been trained to use the boats so that the media and the VIps will get the smoothest ride. As well a video and photo shoot was held. Someone spotted our team in action. See the video for… Read more »


XO Boats arrived to Bermuda!

The seven XO Boats arrived to Bermuda on 30th April by ship from a Dutch port. The trip to Bermuda took about one week and the ship was anchored in front of the Dockyards at Bermuda for offloading. The unloading went smoothly with the cranes of the ship directly to the sea in perfect weather.… Read more »